Hydraulic Lifing Type Cooking Mixer

Hydraulic lifting type cooking mixer GF-380 is top of the line cooking mixer, it is the powerful cooking mixer that we offer, this cooking mixer can save a lot of time and human resource.

  • Automatic lifting, tilting. The head of the mixer can be lifted or tilted when finish cooking, and the pot can tilt to pour out the finish product, all archive by hydraulic.
  • Can be customized with single or dual layer pot or electric heating.
  • All stainless-steel construction offers durability and easy to clean.

Hydraulic lifting type cooking mixer is primary for variety of food processing, most of process that requires mixing and cooking are ideal. And is ideal for restaurant, store, kitchen, studio, food processing manufacturer.

The optional accessories are available as follows: pot cover, inverter and attachment. We Offer optional spatula attachment to scrape ingredients from the edge to middle.