Food Mixer Machine, Commercial Food Mixer

We supply commercial food mixers of all types to food processing. The food mixer machine is superior in quality and functionality application in a wide range of food industries such as bakery, shopping mall, hotel, restaurant and supermarket. Base on health and safety inspection our all planetary mixer series have safety guard type that each model no. extra add on A. (ex. GF-101 if extra safety guard model no. will becoming GF-101A)

The stirrers are classified by different accessories depends on their use; they are hook, beater, and whip.

  • Hook: the hook is used to knead thick dough mixtures, such as bread dough, donuts, pizza dough, and pie dough, etc.
  • Beater: the beater is used for seasoning or mixing ingredients together, such as paste, layer cake and muffins, etc.
  • Whip: Wire the whip is used for liquid mixtures, such as cakes, whipped cream, and salad dressing, etc.

The Types of Food Mixer

  • Food Mixer
  • Dough Mixer
  • Twin Mixer
  • Spiral Mixer
  • Gear Type Food Mixer
  • Food Machine

The Advantages of Food Mixer

  • Heat treatment for the high precision gears and steel
  • The constructions are strong and durable
  • Noiseless mixers
  • Excellence quality and function
  • MIT